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Pastor Compensation : Get The Fair Deal

Pastor Compensation : Get The Fair Deal

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As a pastor, do you know if you are being paid enough? Do you have an organized and legal benefit plan in place? Pastor compensation and employee compensations are areas that Winters and King, Inc. have legal teamise in. They are based out of Tulsa, Oklahoma. They have been successfully representing a multitude of faith- based ministries since 1983. They are instrumental in helping organize anywhere from home based churches to some of the largest in the country. They have the experience and the teamise to some along side and organize and set up a system to help all your legal needs. Get in contact with Winters and King at 918-494-6868 today.

You might find it helps to start by considering your goals for a pastor compensation package. Every church should supply all its staff with an income that represents their work experience so they can fulfill their roles without worrying about their financial status now or in the future. As a pastor, if you are compensated fairly, you can then turn your attention to the needs of your church family without your own personal needs getting in the way and breaking your concentration. You will also as a church be able to attract qualified leadership. “Respect those who labor among you and have charge of you in the Lord and admonish you; esteem them very highly in love because of their work.”

Winter and King, Inc. has a personalized pastor Compensation Evaluation Study. This gives the crucial information needed to assess a competitive compensation package for pastors and key employees. This will also protect your organization from IRS penalties This firm of lawyers has helped 100’s of pastors with their Compensation Evaluation studies. They can help your organization in this area also. They can provide you with a compensation ceiling based on confidential data not available to the public. They also provide counseling on: selecting a compensation committee;setting a competitive compensation package for pastors and key employees; the use of national, public and private salary surveys; how to comply with the IRS and government regulations; how to properly document compensation.

Winters and King, Inc. has used their Compensation Evaluation Studies as a proven tool for clients that are going through an IRS audit and inquiries by the Senate Finance Committee. Severe tax penalties are the direct result of failing to comply with IRS guidelines. As a church you can avoid these penalties when you use their legal services and guidelines. When you use this firm’s compensation studies it will eliminates the possibility of the IRS assessing penalties against members of your church board or compensation committee while also providing protection.

Call them to be sure you are fully compensated. Addressing pastor compensation issues for your faith based ministry can be a very easy process with Winters and King, Inc. services. Their guidance with this simple process combined with their passion for helping churches and all non-profit organizations can and will establish a reasonable and competitive compensation package Your ministry will benefit from their Compensation Evaluation Study. Contact them online at www.wintersking.com. Call them at 918-494-6868 today.