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Attorney Fees

These are some of the flat rates we use to cover attorney fees for the entire process on common services. This allows everyone to know what the final cost will be up front when possible. Filing fees will be necessary in some cases and are in addition to the listed attorney fees.


  • Nonprofit incorporations starting at $750
  • For profit incorporations starting at $800
  • Amendments to Articles of Incorporation starting at $300
  • Bylaws starting at $450
  • Registering your nonprofit in another state starting at $450
  • Dissolution starting at $600
  • Registered agent change starting at $150
  • Registered address change starting at $150
  • Trade name, assumed name, DBA starting at $200

501(c)(3) Applications:

  • Initial 501(c)(3) application starting at $1,000
  • 501 (c)(3) reinstatement application starting at $1,000
  • Status change (for example ministry to church) starting at $1,000
  • Group exemptions (give other people 501(c)(3) covering) starting at $7,500


  • Initial registration starting at $750

State Sales Tax and Property Tax Exemptions:

  • Applications starting at $200