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Employment / Volunteer / Internship Law

Although a nonprofit does not operate exactly like a business, it must still follow business regulations when it comes to employment law. Winters & King, Inc. understands the ins and outs of employment law for churches and nonprofits and can assist you in setting policies and procedures. Our reliable attorneys will provide the following services:

  • Advise for federal and state labor law compliance pertaining to volunteer, intern and staff employment;
  • Draft volunteer, intern and staff policies and handbooks;
  • Draft employee contracts;
  • Provide tools and counsel to navigate employment claims and disputes;
  • Advise for sexual harassment and child abuse compliance;
  • Draft confidentiality agreements for volunteers, interns and staff; and
  • Provide counsel and support for employee termination.

Churches face unique employee issues especially with respect to pastors and ministers. Documenting the agreements about who owns sermons, DVDs, teaching materials, etc. is vital to establishing the intellectual property issues important to pastors and ministers. Establishing good policies and procedures can also help you prevent labor disputes with non-clergy employees. Our experience in the church and ministry world will provide valuable insight to the questions you have as well as the issues you have not thought about yet. To get started in making your organization more protected, call us at 918.494.6868 or contact us online to schedule a consultation.