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Determine Church Compensation : Get The Knowledge

Determine Church Compensation : Get The Knowledge

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You must determine your church compensation package when setting up your nonprofit faith based church. To do this there are numerous areas that have to be considered. Actually, too many for the layperson to have knowledge about. Most people know of some of the important areas like salary and insurance. There are subcategories even in those areas that should be scrutinized. Without the help of someone who specializes in church law, you will miss some of the important areas that later on can be a hindrance legally. Winter and King, Inc. know and specialize in church law. Ministry is their focus and everything that pertains to it. They have been in practice for 30 years and have helped small start up churches and mega churches throughout the United States. Winters And King has the answers for you at 918-494-6868.

A severance package is something to be considered when you Determine Church Compensation. If this is decided way before that time comes, it can be resolved without any emotion involved. You can include one to two weeks of pay for every year of service all the way up to twenty six weeks. Another possible formula is half a month of salary for every year they have served. Once this is completed it must be presented to the finance committee or church board and maybe even the congregation for approval. Then, once approved it can be incorporated into your church annual budget.

Church leadership is responsible to the congregation to pay a fair wage to the pastor and the staff. This is why you need to Determine Church Compensation. The hire talented leadership you must negotiate a fair wage. Sometimes you will find that the church agrees with the budget but can’t afford to pay their church staff what they would like. There are ways to compensate for this. You may want to increase the expense amount allowed. You may even shift compensation to tax advantage forms for retirement.

Another way to get Church Compensation is to add non cash elements. You may offer a paid sabbatical. You can also offer paying for continuing education. Maybe you can offer more paid leave to help out. This won’t increase their salary but it might help overall. It might be that your church is seeing a financial crunch right now you you can negotiate in writing how you will pay a higher salary later. This might be the best solution for all those involved. It will help the pastor and staff see that in the end they will be financially stable.

This all might sound very technical and way too involved for the average person to set up and implement. That is why you need someone who is versed in church law to help you get the right information. They will work all the legal angles and be able to supply the tax exemption information you might otherwise miss doing it on you own or just googling it. Winters and King, Inc. is a very specialized form that specialized in church law. Using their services will guarantee both pastor and congregation satisfaction. Call them at 918-494-6868 for a consultation today with Winters And King.