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Compensation Evaluations

Many churches throughout the U.S. have struggled to comply with state and federal laws regarding the increasingly confusing employment and compensation laws. The attorneys of Winters & King, Inc. have over three decades of experience working with churches and other tax-exempt organizations to help them avoid potential pitfalls and answer their most difficult of questions. We are dedicated to providing principled representation and team council to churches across the country.

We are often asked to assist churches in the creation of employee handbooks, compensation plans, arbitration agreements, performance evaluations and many other vital process necessary to operate an organization. It is a pastor’s responsibility to be aware of legal risks due to the increasing litigious and regulated environment that churches face today.

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We understand that nearly all churches need legal advice from time to time but may not have the resources to maintain in-house counsel. That is why we offer our clients a variety of services. Our principles guide every area of our practice, and our clients appreciate and value our unique approach. Call us today at 918.494.6868 or contact us online to schedule a consultation regarding your compensation questions or legal issues. You can count on us for our values as well as our professionalism and competence.