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Pastor Compensation : Rules For Churches

Pastor Compensation : Rules For Churches

This content was written for churchlaw.tv

Have you ever wanted to be a lawyer? Did you ever watch Judge Judy when you were younger and thought you could do the same thing? When you think about being a lawyer, you usually think about helping with crime cases and murder cases. He usually don’t think about pastors. However did you know that pastors get sued on a regular basis? Did you know that Pastor is also get IRS audits for paying too much in Pastor compensation, that can get them in trouble as well?  if you are a pastor or you know a pastor that does not have a minister attorney on retainer, you should definitely consider it! You never know when tragedy is going to strike, but at some time or another, it probably will! As much as you don’t want bad things to happen, it’s better to be prepared than to be blindsided. The professionals at Winters and king would love to help you! They have been helping out pastors for more than 30 years and they would love to add you to their Client List. Give them a call at 918-494-6868.

have you ever wondered how to determine how much to pay a pastor? Did you know that there are laws about that? If you are a pastor or you are an accountant at a church, do you need to know the laws! Because you probably didn’t go to law school, you should consider hiring a minister attorney. They would be  able to help you when it comes to understanding the laws in place for pastors. The best place to hire a minister attorney is Winters and King. They have been in the business for more than 30 years. They know everything about pastors and the laws that pertain to them. They will help you out to make sure you are also getting a fair Pastor compensation. this is an issue that they run into quite frequently.

When you think about pastors, you think they probably are not committing fraud. However some of them are. One of the big frogs that pastors commit is taking too high of a salary. There is a limit to Pastor compensation. That limit can be determined based on several factors. Most people don’t know all of the laws pertaining to pastors. Because that is the case, it is highly suggested that you hire a church attorney. A church attorney will help you to make sure that you are following the rules when it comes to your church. There is a lot to remember so it is a good idea to have an attorney on retainer for your church.

Have you ever wondered what laws there are four churches? What the fine print says for churches to follow? There are several laws in place for churches to make sure that things are done in an honest manner. These laws are to protect the congregation and to protect the staff. If you don’t know the laws, you should definitely consider hiring a minister attorney. The best place to hire one is Winters and King.

If you have read the information on Winters and king and you are ready to higher than, you should do so today! Don’t put it off any longer. You never know when you are going to need them and it would be better to have built a relationship before hand. Call Winters and King today at 918-494-6868.

Pastor Compensation : Rules For Non-Profits

This content was written for churchlaw.tv

Did you know there are rules that apply to nonprofit organizations? Even though they are technically nonprofit, the people running it are still taking a profit. They need to have someone there to take care of the company. A big nonprofit  organization is a church. Although it is not commonly thought of as non-profit, it is.  Did you know pastors have a specific Pastor compensation?  It varies from church to church, but it is important. The IRS actually does audit if it is incorrect. If you want to avoid an audit or if you want to come out of an audit unscaved,  you need to hire a minister attorney. The best place to find 1 is Winters and King. The reason they are the best is because they have been doing it for so long. 30 years to be exact! If you want to hire the best, you need to call them today. The number to call is 918-494-6868.

when you think of Pastor compensation do you think it’s a lot? Some people think it is,  however the vast majority of pastors are actually not even getting paid as much as they should be. They are getting grossly underpaid. Perhaps it is due to lack of Education. There are specific principles in place for how much Pastor should get paid. If you have a pastor that you think is getting underpaid, you should refer him to Winters and King. Winters and king would love to take care of him and show him how much he could be making. There is a right way and a wrong way to being  paid for being a pastor. You shouldn’t take all of the money that comes in and live wildly off of it, but you should also not be struggling to get by. You are doing important work and you should be treated as such.

Now that you know about Pastor compensation, you should know about Pastor retirement. Did you know that there is a way for pastors to build up a retirement fund? Pastors can choose to give a certain portion of their pay to an account called a rabbi Trust.  this account is Untouchable but it is also an account that does not get taxed. Because nonprofits do not get taxed.  It is a great option for pastors who want to eventually retire. It’s a great way to build up a security net.  If this sounds like something you’re interested in and you need to find out how to go about doing it, you should definitely look into Winters and King For assistance. They would love to help you!

Did you know Winters and King has been in the industry for more than 30 years? They have been helping nonprofits and churches for 3 decades. They would love to help you as well!  They are very thorough in their work and they don’t just do it all for you, they educate you along the way! If you are looking to learn from your mistakes in the past and start doing a better job of following the law when it comes to your non-profit organization, you should definitely consider hiring a minister attorney from Winters and King.

If you’re ready to call Winters and King today, don’t put it off! Just pick up the phone and dial 918-494-6868. Once you get through, just explain who you are and what organization you are with. They would love to get the ball rolling. They would love to help you out as soon as possible.

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